Welcome to Classic Citroen International

We at Classic Citroen International are dedicated to supplying top quality used and new parts for all classic Citroens. We are always striving to expand our stock and our contacts in the market place.

We carry a very large range of stock here in the UK and also in the USA.

Originally formed as Classic 2CV Recycling – supplying parts from Citroen 2CV/Dyane and Ami models we realised that we needed to expand into other current classic Citroens and up and coming models.

With our extensive range of business contacts and our agent in France, we have opened up very good access to some rare and interesting parts.

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Latest Products

We have a very large Ebay shop with over 1400 Citroen parts listed plus over 500 international listings on Ebay.fr, Ebay.de, Ebay.es and Ebay.it. We have over 1600 positive 100% feedback achieved through tough customer care procedures and fast shipping service.